anchor mills

At the so-called birthplace of Paisley (Pasley or Pasleth) lies a small waterfall we call the Hammills which is where Saint Miren has said to have created a settlement nearby. The Hammills are part of the White Cart River which flows into the centre of Paisley and was once an important part of the mill Industry with it flowing past the Anchor Mill which you can see and has now been converted to flats, with business premises on the bottom floors. You can see the glass roof which gives lots of light down into the Atrium Below which any community group can use.

Video of the Anchor Mills:


Today was the penultimate day in 100 Days to Save Coats Memorial which seen three major choirs come together and sing on the stairs of the historic building, our main footage is off to be synchronised with Brick Lane Medias footage but here is a wee sneaky peak (music is of course not from today)

Video from Today- Minus original sound:


LNP Promotions and Brick Lane Studios have just released a teaser trailer for last weeks concert at Thomas Coats Memorial Concert which was in support of 100 Days to save Coats Memorial. We of course were there and our footage is below as well as the tweet for LNP Promotions with the attached video. What a night and this building must be well and truly saved and conserved.

Our Video of the night:

Gallow Green

A 360 view for our client Renfrewshire Witch Hunt 1697 of the Gallow Green, right at the bottom of the 360 you can see the pit where they used to burn the so-called witches, the other part of the area was where the innocents were hanged by the local government at the time.

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cloch lighthouse

Cloch Lighthouse down at Gourock on the edge of the River Clyde, Paisley Buddie Drone Flights take us a wee visit to the Lighthouse and back. Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside.

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The Reid MacEwan activity building for veterans is a project 2 years old and has a full week of classes and projects that help veterans gain new skills or just give them a place to go talk to other veterans.

its an amazing calm place with excellent staff with a diverse range of activities, its based in the Erskine home complex.

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